[VAMPYR] West End – Local Investigations

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1. Pandora's Box (Both Outcome)

0:05 Talk to Usher Talltree & Get the quest.
2:13 Learn where is the Notebook stolen from Usher Talltree by Priwen agents.
3:34 Doris Fletcher’s theatre.
4:13 Find the Safe’s Key.
5:24 Open the safe & retrieve Usher Talltree’s notebook.
6:04 Return the notebook after reading it.
7:06 Return the notebook without reading it.


2. They Are Among Us

0:05 How to get the quest,
1:46 Th antique figure of the Vrykolakas (Darius Petrescu’s House, Whitechapel).
2:18 Rare species of vampires (Dr. Swansea’s office, Pembroke hospital).
2:47 Fertile is the belly of the beast (Goswick’s house, near Pembroke hospital).
3:21 Supremacy of Ekons (The sewer skals territory).
3:43 The heresy of the pure blood (Near temple garden in West End).
4:37 The Violence of Vulkods (Temple sewers, during main quest Unnatural Selection)

3. Like Father, Like Daughter

You’ll get this side quest while you’re in the temple sewers during the main quest “unnatural selection”. The quest starts after you pick a soiled letter from a body. Your task is to save Louise Teasdale from a vampire who has abducted her. Talk to Loiuse after saving her to complete the investigation.

4. A Journey to the Past

0:05 Aubrey Reid’s first letter (Reid’s Mansion, West End).
1:20 Aubrey Reid’s second letter (Temple Garden, west end).
3:47 Aubrey Reid’s third letter (Pembrok Hospital).
4:24 Open Father’s safe (Southwark)

 You’ll have to collect 3 Letters from Aubrey Reid (Dr. Reid’s father) and  and then you’ll have to open the father’s safe in Southwark to finish the local investigation.

5. A Surprise for the London's Lone Gourmet

You just have to find an exceptional restaurant for Calhoun Russel and tell him the location of the restaurant to complete the investigation. One such restaurant is on the ground floor of the Temple Covered Market (near Temple Garden).

6. Emily is Missing

1:52 Locate Emily’s House
2:45 Search Emily’s Room
3:07 Follow Emily’s blood trail
5:30 Report to Charlotte Ashbury about her missing friend.

 Talk to Charlotte Ashburn in the West End to start the quest. You have to find her missing friend Emily. First, you need to locate Emily’s house. Use the 2nd floor balcony on Crossley’s house to reach Emily’s house. search her room, follow her blood trail and report back to Charlotte to finish the investigation.

7. Alignment of Stars

This quest will start when you get to an alley near temple garden. You’ll have to save the exhausted man (Kimura Tadao) from his abductor. After killing the Abductor check on Kimura Tadao to complete the investigation.

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