Where it Snacks and Snoozes Request: New Pokemon Snap

How to take a snap of Heracross: Where it Snacks and Snoozes Request

In New Pokemon Snap, travel to the islands that make up the Lental region. Research these Pokémon alongside Professor Mirror as you explore dense jungles, vast deserts, and more! Professor Mirror will give you requests to complete the ‘Where it Snacks and Snoozes’ request. The request is to take a picture of a Heracross in the Florio Nature Park

How to Unlock Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap

You will get Illumina Orbs by taking a snap of Crystalbloom.

Head to Founja Jungle (Night) of Belusylva. Search for a yellow glowing Crystabloom at the end of the Jungle, on your right side. Give the photo of the Crystabloom to Professor Mirror and receive Illumina Orbs to you.

How to take a snap of Heracross

Heracross doesn’t appear alone. So you need another pokemon first to make Heracross appear.

Load into Park(Night) in Florio Nature Park and head towards the first bridge. On the left side, there is a mound of dirt next to the Crystabloom.

When you scan the mound, Pinsir’s horns stick out of the ground. At this time, throw an Illumina orb at its horns to make it pop up.

Once the Pinsir is out of the ground and glowing, scan it multiple times. After the third try, a Heracross will fall from the trees.

Take a photo of Heracross on the ground looking up at Pinsir. Show the picture to Professor Mirror at the end of the level and, you should complete this request!

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