Where to Find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards for Automated Backup Mission | COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

This guide will lead you to the locations where you can find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards for Automated Backup Mission in COD Modern Warfare 3 MWZ Zombies.

Automated Backup mission requires you to get three Ammo Mod Circuit Boards and install them into Deadbolt Turrets. The mission requires Ammo Mod Circuit Boards, not generic Circuit Boards

Method #1
The most reliable location where I’ve discovered Ammo Mod Circuit Boards is within Infected Strongholds. You can come across these circuit boards in almost any chest, regardless of its level—whether it’s a high-level chest or just the regular ones scattered around. They are not particularly challenging to locate. Exploring through each map you can typically find three or four of them.

Method #2
Complete a couple of Ether Nest challenges on the map. Often, after finishing these challenges and looting, you’ll find circuit boards.

Method #3
Another effective method is looting normal buildings and petrol stations. Petrol stations, in particular, tend to have a substantial number of circuit boards. Focus on toolboxes within petrol stations to increase your chances of finding circuit boards.

Upon gathering the circuit boards, players should seek out one of the scattered turrets across the map. Attach the circuit board to the turret, activating it to start firing at enemies. It’s essential to note that specific turrets might face a bug, leading them to continuously shoot at an invincible mimic, preventing the objective from updating. In such cases, proceed to the next turret until you find one that functions correctly.

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