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Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance has seven missions with each mission containing 3 Acts. An act may contain optional objectives to achieve. There are two optional objectives in Act 1(Goblins at the Gates) of ‘Companions of Icewind Dale’ quest, which is the introductory quest of the game. One such optional objective is finding a Dwarven Mug. You’ll need to find eight of these Dwarven Mugs in Act 1 of the introductory quest.

This guide will show you where to find each of the eight Dwarven Mugs in the ‘Goblins at the Gates’ of new Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance game.

#1: Dwarven Mug

Dwarven Mug 1 can be spotted to the right on a broken cartwheel at the start of Goblins at the Gates. Below is the image of 1st Dwarven Mug

#2: Dwarven Mug

Continue through the next section until you reach the first goblin camp. The main objective will be to destroy a ballista in the camp. The second Dwarven Mug can be found next to Supply Camp Ballista. There’s a body pile near the ballista. The second Dwarven Mug can be found on the pile of bodies.

#3: Dwarven Mug

Take the first elevator and exit to the left. While completing the main objective “Locate the bridge camp,” you will obtain the Dwarven Mug #3. Continue going until you reach the first goblin camp in the next segment. Before you approach the first goblin camp, there is a heap of bodies on the floor. There, look for the Dwarven Mug on the pile of bodies.

#4: Dwarven Mug

Continue further until you reach this goblin camp. You can’t miss Dwarven Mug because it’s right on the main trail. When you get to the gate, turn left. A body has been struck by a pair of arrows. The Dwarven Mug can be found near the body.

#5: Dwarven Mug

Continue through the level after Dwarven Mug #4. You need to climb wooden bridges/ramps. Defeat all the enemies and go to the right. At the far end of the corridor, there is a small cage. The Dwarven Mug is kept inside the little cage.

#6: Dwarven Mug

You can find the sixth Dwarven Mug while doing Main Quest. Destroy the Battlehammer hall overlook Ballista. Continue through the level until you reach an area like shown in the image. Check a small cage on the right for another Dwarven Mug

#7: Dwarven Mug

Immediately after collecting Dwarven Mug #5, you need to enter a portal to visit a new location. Once you reach the new area you will see an elevator. Before going up the elevator, take the right path to find a chest near a corpse. You can find Dwarven Mug #7 on the body here.

#8: Dwarven Mug

The eighth and final Dwarven Mug in Dark Alliance – Goblins at the Gates can be found immediately after riding the lift up after grabbing Dwarven Mug #7. Dwarven Mug is hidden behind a pile of barrels. Break the barrels to grab this last mug.

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