Where to find Jemison Mercantile in Starfield

  • Post published:September 9, 2023
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This article will guide you on where to find Jemison Mercantile Location in Starfield. Jemison Mercantile, a prominent shop in Starfield, serves as a dependable trading location throughout your journey. However, the New Atlantis ship services tech doesn’t provide specific directions on its whereabouts.

Proceed to the Alpha Centauri System, and from there on the planet Jemison and then land in the New Atlantis spaceport.

Upon arrival at the New Atlantis spaceport, proceed forward, descend the ramp, and pass through the glass-covered area.

Go up the ramp to your left, where you’ll find a helix-shaped fountain. Take another left at the fountain, and ascend the stairs directly ahead.

At the top, you’ll find two signs: The Viewpoint Bar on your left and the Jemison Mercantile general store straight ahead. Enter the store and engage in conversation with Amoli Bava, who is typically stationed behind the counter.

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