Where to find Laver: Foodie Girl | Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows where to find Laver for the Foodie Girl Side Quest in the Tower of Fantasy game. Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG Gacha Game that was released worldwide on 11th August 2022.

How to start the Foodie Girl Side Quest

You will get the Foodie Girl Side Quest by talking to a girl named Patty in the Banges Dock at the location shown in the picture below. During the questline, she will ask you to gather several items. But there is one particular item, Laver, that many players are finding difficult to find. This guide shows where you can find Laver for Patty.

Pick 5 laver from the beach for Patty

Laver is very easy to find. Go to the beach on the southwest side of Banges as shown in the picture below. On this beach, you will find plenty of Laver lying around. Laver is a purple flower as shown in the second picture below. Collect 5 Lavers from this beach and give them to Patty to complete the objective.

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