Where to Find Prince of Death – The Grim Reaper Location | Final Fantasy XVI (FF16)

This article will guide you on where to find the monster Prince of Death in the game Final Fantasy XVI, which was released on 22 June 2023.

Prince of Death Location

Prince of Death can be found in the empire of Sanbreque. To reach the location fast travel to Northreach Obliske and then head in the northwest direction to find the monster on a hill just east of Westwatch. Refer to the below image.

Combat Tips

  • The Prince of Death is a reaper-type enemy that performs a series of additional attacks.
  • It has the ability to unleash up to three projectile slashes consecutively, which can surprise you.
  • When the Prince of Death’s HP falls below half, it will initiate a combo attack.
  • Similar to other reaper-style enemies, it is important to slightly delay your dodges for its regular attacks. Dodge when you observe the scythe beginning to swing, not when the monster is initially positioning itself.

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