Where to Find Reinforcement Helicopters in Saboteur Mission | COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies MWZ

This guide will help you locate Reinforcement Helicopters Saboteur in COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies MWZ.

In MW3 Zombies’ Saboteur mission, players need to kill mercenaries—specifically, those guarding extractors during an Aether Extractor Contract—as well as shoot down a reinforcement helicopter.

These helicopters may absorb a lot of damage before they crash and require you to focus your attention on them. These helicopters make an appearance near the Aether Extractor. Aether Extractor Contracts are represented on the minimap by a blue rocket icon.

You’ll need a powerful weapon and plenty of ammunition for this task, such as an LMG, rocket launcher, or one of the .50 Caliber guns mounted on the back of the cars. Taking down Reinforcement Helicopters Saboteur requires a high-caliber weapon to effectively handle the challenge.

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