Where to find Soul Stingers | Hunt Board Guide | Final Fantasy XVI (FF16)

This article will guide you on where to Find the monster Soul Stingers in the game Final Fantasy XVI, which was released on 22 June 2023.

Soul Stingers Location

The Soul Stingers hunt is unlocked during the Out of the Shadow main quest. This mark is a swarm of level 32 insect-like monsters. 

You can find Soul Stingers in the Fields of Corava area of, The Dhalmekia Republic. Fast Travel to The Dalimil Inn Obselik and then head southeast to find these flying monsters in The Fields of Corava, in an open spot.

Combat Tips for Soul Stingers:

  • Soul Stingers have a group attack that is easy to dodge.
  • Wait for them to attack before launching your own combo.
  • Avoid getting surrounded to prevent being locked in place. Keep all the bugs in sight.

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