Where To Get More Cryo Ammo For Freezer Burn Mission | COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies MWZ

This guide is here to help you find additional Cryo Ammo for the ‘Freezer Burn‘ mission in COD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies MWZ.

Upon successfully finishing the ‘Take up Arms‘ quest, you’ll be rewarded with Cryo Ammo.

Access the gear section, open your backpack, click on a plus icon, and locate the acquisition stash to find the Cryo Ammo after completing the mission.

There are two other ways to get Cryo Ammo. First, explore Aether caches in Zombie Infested Strongholds, although the likelihood of finding it is not very high.

The second method involves using Elemental Pop machines scattered across the map. Spend 2,000 money to obtain elemental ammo with a random effect. It is not the most reliable option.

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