Where to get the Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest

As you progress through Sons of the Forest, your likelihood of survival rises with your level of preparedness for the challenges of the island. This involves venturing far and wide to collect a wide variety of resources. Obtaining new tools and weapons into your inventory can significantly simplify your tasks. This walkthrough will guide you on where to find Modern Axe in the game Sons Of The Forest.

Modern Axe Location in Sons of the Forest

Firefighter Axe is the best axe available in the other normal axes in Sons of the Forest when it comes to cutting down trees and constructing your base.

The modern axe can be found at a marked abandoned campsite location. This campsite is by the base of the snowy mountain. The exact position of this campsite can be seen in the image below. The modern axe’s location will be indicated on the map, with a purple exclamation point marker with a house icon also nearby.

You will find the modern axe on the body of the camper. Simply walk up to the axe and interact with it to add it to your backpack.

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