Which pool belongs to Obi’s crush? Dead Island 2

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to complete the objective “Which pool belongs to Obi’s crush?” of the Lost & Found quest “The Clean and the Snatch ” in Dead Island 2. This quest will reward you with an Electrocutor Officer’s Sword.

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To begin The Clean and the Snatch quest, go to the Pool outside Beverly Hills Headquarters – the villa situated on the right side of the map that has a workbench. Retrieve #1 Journal: A Parting Gift from this location to initiate the quest. In the Pool, there is a lockbox with Obi’s Things that require Obi’s Keys. We’ll get the Obi’s Keys during this mission.

Follow the paper trail around the pools of Beverly Hills

To make Obi appear, you need to locate three additional journals that are scattered around the various pools in Beverly Hills.

#2 Journal – Dave’s Phone

It is on sunbeds near a swimming pool.

#3 Journal – Note from Michael

It is inside an empty swimming pool.

#4 Journal – Obi’s Phone

It is near a toxic swimming pool.

Which pool belongs to Obi’s crush?

Head towards the southern Villa named “GOAT Pen” located in Bel-Air and search for a pool where a zombie known as Obi the Pool Guy can be found. Defeat him to acquire Obi’s Key.

You wouldn’t steal a stolen sword! Would you?

Return to Beverly Hills, where the quest began, and use Obi’s Key to unlock the lock box to obtain an Electrocutor Officer’s Sword.

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