How to Complete Wiffledust Up Side Quest: Biomutant Walkthrough

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Wiffledust Up: How To Collect The Wiffledust | Side Quest | Biomutant Walkthrough

How to get the Quest

Talk with LUMP at Floatboat, It is located just north of Porky Puff Palace as marked on the map. Select the option “A short trip get the appetite going.” to start the quest.

Biomutant: Wiffledust Up Side Quest

    • Head to the Hobydrunk Village marked on the map once the quest is initiated. The Hobydrunk Village is located in Sector 3E, southwest of “Floatboat” ( X= 90106, Y=-77125)
    • Follow the trail to reach the marked location. It is a shop(bakery).
    • Interact with the cooking burner to solve the rotation puzzle. Rotate each of the nodes so that colors match each other.
    • This releases a cloud of dust into the air above you.
    • Climb on top of one of the buildings using the wooden barrel lying near the building.
    • Here you will see a small dust cloud flying.
    • This dust can be a bit tricky to catch. Press the prompt when it appears on the screen.
    • If you’re patient it will eventually move over the buildings where you are standing and you can nab it.
    • Head back to Lump using his fast travel point. Talk to him and he’ll open up as a shop you can use.

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