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This guide shows the location of all collectibles in the Williamsburg district in the Spiderman 2 game, which was released on 20 October 2023. The list of Williamsburg Collectibles is shown below.

  • 1 x Marko’s Memories
  • 1 x Photo Ops
  • 1 x Prowler Stashes
  • 1 x The Flame Missions
  • 5 x Brooklyn Visions Missions
  • 2 x Spider-Bots
  • 2 x Mysteriums
  • 1 x Unidentified Targets
  • 1 x Symbiote Nests

1) Marko’s Memories – Imprisoned

You can discover it a little north of the bridge leading to Chinatown. Search for an apartment complex resembling large steps, and just north of it, you’ll find a factory housing the crystal on its roof.

2) Photo Ops – Hidden Oasis

This Photo Op is on a rooftop. Take a picture of the folks inside the water tower. There’s a cool party happening in there, and there’s a line outside. Snap a shot of it!

3) Prowler Stashes

Go to the top of the Building at the location shown in the picture below. Scan the panel as shown in the second picture below. Then stabilize the code by holding the yellow circles inside the grey boxes. Once it’s done, pull the panel to reveal a round lever.

Press L1+R1 to rotate the round lever. This will open another panel on the left side. Quickly shoot the web on the round lever to hold it in its place, otherwise, it will rotate back and the panel will close again. The other panel opened up by rotating the lever, contains another round lever behind it as shown in the second picture below. Rotate this lever by pressing L1+R1 and shoot webs at it to hold it in its place. This will open the small panel between these two levers, revealing the Prowler Stash.

4) The Flame – It Was Meant For Me

These are short side quests for Peter to complete. The first Flame quests become available after finishing Main Quest 06: Amends. Once you finish one quest, it unlocks the next one in The Flame Mission series. “It Was Meant For Me” serves as the fourth and ultimate Flame Mission, meaning you should complete the other three first before you can tackle this final mission in Williamsburg.

5) Brooklyn Visions Missions

Brooklyn Vision #1 – BV Club Fair

In Brooklyn Vision – BV Club Fair you need to defeat Criminals and find Ms. Ferguson in Brooklyn VisionBV Club Fair in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Complete Guide: Brooklyn Vision: BV Club Fair Guide

Brooklyn Vision #2 – Homecoming

Brooklyn Vision: Homecoming Guide you need to help NPC Vijay as he was scammed by a generator vendor.

Complete Guide: Brooklyn Vision: Homecoming Guide

Brooklyn Vision #3 – Senior Prank

Complete Walkthrough Link – Senior Prank

Brooklyn Vision #4 – Lights, Camera, Action

Complete Walkthrough Link – Lights, Camera, Action

Brooklyn Vision #5 – A Gift

To complete this Brooklyn Vision, simply go to the quest’s starting point and interact with the table. In return, you’ll receive the Boricua suit as a reward along with the bronze Brooklyn Pride trophy.

6) Spider-Bots

1/2) Spider-Bot: Prowler

The Prowler Spider-Bot is in the northeastern part of Williamsburg. To find it, head to the southwest corner and spot the tall silver apartment building. Climb up to the top of the building’s northern side, and you’ll find the Spider-Bot near the top.

2/2) Spider-Bot: Scorpion

The Spider-Bot can be found above the apartment buildings at the southern edge of Williamsburg. This Spider-Bot is airborne. Look for a tall building with an antenna tower on its rooftop, climb it, and glide toward the Spider-Bot. Spider-Man will automatically collect it as he approaches.

7) Mysterium – Grave Decision

Mysterium (1/2) – Grave Decision

You can access Mysteriums once you complete Main Quest 13: Hunt to Live, Live to Hunt. Mysteriums are small combat challenges that come with three ratings based on how well you do: bronze, silver, and gold.
Mysterium Challenge Requirement at Williamsburg: Don’t get hit.

Mysterium (2/2) – Road Rage

Mysterium Challenge Requirement at Williamsburg: Don’t get hit.

8) Unidentified Targets

9) Symbiote Nests

Symbiote Nests in the Williamsburg unlock after Main Mission 28

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