Wind Temple: All Locks Puzzle in Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

This article will guide you through how to solve all Locks Puzzles of the main quest Tulin of Rito Village in the game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You will get this objective after reaching the Wind Temple.

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Open the 5 Locks on Wind Temple

Upon arriving at the Wind Temple, interact with the green gate to trigger a dialogue and unlock a permanent fast travel point.

A mysterious voice will instruct you to open five locks to open the hatch on the deck. The locks are located in the middle of the ship and can be opened by powering up the five turbines marked with yellow quest markers.

1) Wind Temple Lock

It is on 1F Level. Use Ultrahand to attach an icicle to the lever of the right door. Then using Ultrahand push the lever to the left. Enter inside to find a wind turbine. Command Tulin to create a Wind Gust to power it on this will open the first lock. 

2) Wind Temple Lock

Glide down the right side of the ship (B1 floor). Destroy the wall of icicles to enter the B1 floor.

Use the Recall ability to reverse the direction of the big spinner. Stand on it to enter the next room.

Inside shoot down one of the larger icicles from the ceiling with an arrow. Use Ultrahand to connect the larger icicle to connect the two cogs. This opens the door to a room with a wind turbine. Command Tulin to create a Wind Gust to power it on.

To exit the area use Ultrahand on the lever near the cogs. 

3) Wind Temple Lock

Use the big wind turbine in the middle of the 1F main deck to glide to the top of the tallest tower in the north of the ship.Use Ultrahand ability to open the two metal gates on the roof’s floor.

Drop inside the tower. Glide down while evading the laser into the opening where the next wind turbine is located. Use a wind gust once more to propel it.

4) Wind Temple Lock

Now glide down the left side of the ship to find an opening at the bottom of the ship to reach B2 level directly. Use wind on the turbine to open the 4th lock.

5) Wind Temple Lock

Glide down the left side of the ship to find an opening on the ship wall to reach B1 level directly.

Go to the right side path and use a gust of wind to fly across the gap.

Defeat the enemy and then use Ascend to teleport through the ceiling in this room.

At the top, attach two stone plates under the cog. Rotate the cog with a gust of wind to open the door on the right. Climb the ladder to reach the wind turbine.

Use wind on the turbine to open the 5th lock.

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