Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom – Musanokir Shrine Puzzle Guide

This guide shows how to complete the Musanokir Shrine in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, released on 12th May 2023. Musanokir Shrine is located in the Korok Forest.

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The shrine will be in plain sight as Links will be in the Korok Forest after he emerges from the Depths. The puzzles in this area revolve around a ball-and-chain mechanism that can be swung around like a pendulum.

Musanokir Shrine Puzzle – 1

To solve the first puzzle, you need to raise the platform and place the cube underneath it to create a bridge, allowing you to cross the gap.

Musanokir Shrine Puzzle – 2

In the second puzzle, you need to attach the cube below the hanging chain. Then use Ultrahand to pull it all the way back before letting go. This will cause it to swing and hit the target.

Musanokir Shrine Puzzle – 3

In the third area, you will find a central section that can be moved towards the target and a ball-and-chain device below it. Additionally, there is a wooden log and a cube in the room.

To get the treasure chest, attach the wooden log to the central section to create a bridge, and then glide from the central section to reach the chest.

To hit the target and open the final gate, attach the wooden log in front of the central device and attach the cube to the chain below it.

Then use Ultrahand to pull the cube all the way back before letting go. This will cause it to swing and hit the target.

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    Why would they have you trigger the first one with the block and the second one with the log? This is the worst game design. I spent like a half hour on this shrine and it made me mad at a Zelda game, which really pissed me off even more because it’s my favorite franchise of all time.

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