A Plague Tale: Requiem All Chapter 11 Collectible Locations

This guide will show you where to find all the collectibles in “Chapter 11 – The Cradle of Centuries” of the game A Plague Tale: Requiem. There are six collectibles in Chapter 11.

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Feather #1 European Goldfinch

Objective: Explore the underground area

Blow up the first door in the underground section using an explosive barrel. Another explosive barrel is hidden behind a wall on the right side in the next chamber.

Blow up the wall with Ignifer slingshot. Collect the feather from the room.

Knife #1

Objective: Explore the underground area

Return to the previous area and crouch through the hole in the left wall. Climb up the ledge in the next room and shoot Ignifer’s slingshot at the explosive barrels to blast out the gate.

Pass through the gate, down the passage, and turn right to find a skeleton holding a knife.

Souvenir #1 The Chateau d’Ombrage

Objective: Explore the underground area

First, blew up a wall with a wagon full of explosives to reach a big open chamber with burning carts.

Take the cart on the right, and push the cart halfway in the direction of the bridge. When you reach a big rock, push the cart to the right until it can go no further. You will see a chest.

Use Sophia’s prism crystal to keep the rats at bay, then jump down the ledge left of the chest to find the Souvenir on a table.

Souvenir #2 His Toys…

Objective: Open the gate

A cutscene will begin after you crossed through the bridge in the big room. Then you’ll then find yourself in front of a large gate.

Go to your left to find a door with a red flag. Allow Hugo to crawl into the small hole next to the door, and he will open it. The souvenir is on a table.

Secret Chest #1

Objective: Explore the rest of the underground area

Enter the big gate and go through a rat-infested room. Next, climb up two ledges and use your slingshot to break chains so you can squeeze through them.

Immediately turn left to squeeze through the 2nd set of chains to find a secret chest.

Tool #1

Objective: Explore the rest of the underground area

Push a burning cart until the path is blocked.

Climb up the ledge to the right and blow up an explosive barrel to clear the path.

After that, you can move the cart forward and find a Tool Chest on the left.

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