A Plague Tale: Requiem All Chapter 13 Collectible Locations

This guide will show you where to find all the collectibles in “Chapter 13 – Nothing Left” of the game A Plague Tale: Requiem. There are six collectibles in Chapter 13.

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Tool #1

Objective: Find a way to the surface

After the first scene, you will enter a room. Immediately turn right to find an open doorway that leads to a room with glass bottles. There is a chest in the room with a tool.

Souvenir #1 A Mess

Objective: Find a way to the surface

Follow the normal path until you reach a larger room with a shattered roof.

A room with a locked door is on the right side. Shoot the sling through a hole in the metal bars to break the lock

Enter the room and go behind and pull the cart blocking the corridor.

Exit the room and proceed down the corridor that the cart had blocked. Jump over the small barricade, then move to your right to uncover a wardrobe that you may drag towards you.

Pass through the hole behind the wardrobe to find the final remaining Souvenir on a table.

Tool #2

Objective: Reach the port

It is located in the area where the first shield enemies are present.

Knife #1

Objective: Reach the port

The knife is located in the same area. Go to the left-end corner of the area to find the knife sticking out of a rolled cart.

Knife #2

Objective: Reach the port

Next, you will reach a burning village with more enemies. Take the path on the left, pass through the barn, and then through a house. you can find the knife on a table with flowers.

Tool #3

Objective: Reach the port

Continue ahead in the same area to find a ruined church on the right side. The tool is in the ruined church.

Knife #3 

Objective: Reach the port

Continue on to the next area to enter a house with a workbench. Climb the ledge in this building, then drop to the right side with the flower arch gate. Turn left immediately to see the knife sticking from a wooden pillar.

Feather #1 Greylag Goose

Objective: Reach the port

Continue into the next alley with the floral arch gate. You’ll locate a cart here that you’ll need to push toward the doors from where you enter the area. Climb the ledge to find the feather. This is the final Feather that grants the Ornithologist achievement.

Secret Chest #1

Objective: Reach the port

Turn to your right from the last collectible area to access another room. The chest is located behind the door.

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