Chapter 3: All Collectible Locations Guide | Plague Tale: Requiem

This guide will show you where to find all the collectibles in Chapter 3 – A Burden of Blood of the game A Plague Tale: Requiem, released on 17th Oct 2022. There are six collectibles in Chapter 3.

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All Collectibles Locations Guide – A Plague Tale Requiem 

Tool #1

Objective: Exit the City

After acquiring the ability to craft Extinguis, kill three enemy soldiers and then extinguish their flames to let rats eat them. Then go upstairs where you killed the third soldier. Open the big chest to find the tool.

Souvenir #1 – A Grave

Objective: Reach the herbalist’s forest

After leaving the city, you will reach a forest area. Look for a hut with a fenced garden on the left side. Go to the other side of the fence and use your sling to strike the door’s lock. Enter the garden and interact with the grave to retrieve the Souvenir.

Tool #2

Objective: Reach the herbalist’s forest

After the first workbench, the player needs to pass through a rat-infested village. Enter the building on the far left to find a large chest containing a tool. While reaching the last building, enemy guards will be coming out of a large gate. Players can light the torch to cross over safely.

Flower #1 – Chamomile

Objective: Reach the herbalist’s forest

After the rat-infested village, the player will arrive at the herbalist’s hut. Look for a large tree on the left with a flower pot hanging from it. Shoot the metal chain of the flower pots with the sling to drop it and collect the Camomile flower.

Secret Chest #1

Objective: Escape the fort

After collecting your sling from the warehouse, turn around and look for a secret chest at the end of the room.

Refer to below image.

Souvenir #2. Our Home

Objective: Escape the fort

After collecting your sling, climb the ladder and turn to the left. Shoot down the hatch and cross it. Pick up the collectible from the table.

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