A Plague Tale: Requiem All Chapter 5 Collectible Locations

In this guide we will show you where to find all the collectibles in Chapter 5 – In Our Wake of the game A Plague Tale: Requiem. There are eight collectibles in Chapter 5.

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Souvenir #1 The Stag’s Roar

Objective: Find a way to reach the boat

Exit the boat and proceed upward into the woods. When the trail splits in the forest, choose the right way. Continue along the side path until you hear a stag bellowing. After the conversation, you will get a Souvenir.

Tool #1

Objective: Cross the construction site

Rotate the hanging haystack 360 degrees, then light it to cross the first rat-infested gap. Wait until the haystack stops moving before lighting it again. The chest is located beneath it.

Knife #1

Objective: Cross the construction site

Reunite with Lucas on a wooden platform. Then look behind up to see a ladder held up by a chain. Break the chain to climb the ladder. At the top, you will find the knife on top of a barrel.

Souvenir #2 Huuuugoooo!

Objective: Cross the construction site

Approach the fence where Lucas is already standing on the top where you obtained the last item.

Secret Chest #1

Objective: Find a way to reach the boat

Cross the river and then shoot the counterweight to rip off the chain that is blocking the river. Go behind the same house to climb up using the ladder. The secret chest is located there.

Tool #1

Objective: Find a way to reach the boat

The right wall of the same house has a hole. Crouch beneath the hole to reach the other side, where you’ll find a chest containing a Tool.

Flower #1 Anemone

Objective: Find a way to reach the boat

Return through the hole and follow the river bank until you reach the bridge.

Shoot down the chain on the other side of the bridge to release a miniature drawbridge, as indicated in the image.

Move the wooden box to climb up the ledge and continue until you reach the flower on the cliff’s edge.

Knife #2

Objective: Get rid of the bandits

After the boat ride, you must use the crossbow to kill an enemy. A knife can be seen sticking out of a fallen tree.

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