A Plague Tale: Requiem All Chapter 6 Collectible Locations

In this guide we will show you where to find all the collectibles in “Chapter 6 – Leaving all Behind” of the game A Plague Tale: Requiem. There are ten collectibles in Chapter 6.

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Feather #1 Jay

Objective: Find a way towards the coast

At the beginning of Chapter 6, you will arrive at a large open area where Amicia will challenge Hugo to a small race to the large tree. Hugo rushes to the tree and discovers some feathers on the ground. Interact with Hugo to pick the Collectible.

Souvenir #1 Imagine Your Flying

Objective: Ask for the way to the coast

When you arrive at the camp, greet the woman. Then, proceed along the left side to find a side path between the tents that leads to a swing. Play with the swing. Hugo will push you on the swing for a short period of time in order to activate the Souvenir.

Tool #1

Objective: Find a way out

Go on the right path when you enter the quarry. Finally, get Hugo to crawl through the little hole in the wooden barricade and open the door. Behind the door is a large chest containing a tool.

Knife #1

Objective: Find a way out

Go through a metal door to escape the first group of enemies in the quarry. Inside you will find a knife sticking out of an old mine cart

Knife #2

Objective: Reach the building

You will come across another set of enemies after leaving the quarry. Continue straight ahead and climb up the white ledge to discover a supply crate with a knife.

Tool #2

Objective: Reach the building

The tool is in a chest on top of a hill. To get to the place, you must climb up the ledges surrounding it. This collectible is just above the previous one.

Secret Chest #1

Objective: Find a way out of the building

After you’ve obtained the knife, enter the building through a metal door. Once entering, crawl beneath the shelves in the right corner to locate the Secret Chest hidden in another room.

Souvenir #2 Which Colour Do You Want?

Objective: Find a way out of the building

Return to the previous room and exit by the door at the end of the corridor. You will learn a new power to beat enemies in the following room. Then the room gets infested with rats.

Light the fire sources with an Ignifer slingshot, then jump down the ledge with a fire pot and grab the torch to get upstairs past the rats.

Climb the ladder in the next chamber, then crouch through a hole and descend into the small area below.

Hugo will offer to change your bandage. Interact with him to get this collectible.

Knife #3

Objective: Exit the dye works

After obtaining the Souvenir, exit the room and escape the building via the metal door. The next area has another enemy encounter and a knife can be found on the right side where some rats are in a circular pit. Make use of your new power to direct rats toward enemies. Pick up the knife after the area is clear.

Tool #3

Objective: Exit the dye works

In the same region, take the path on the right. The first hut on the path is locked from the inside. Go behind the house and shoot your sling through the window to break the lock. Then return to the main door and enter the building to uncover a large box containing Tool Crafting Pieces.

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