A Plague Tale: Requiem All Chapter 7 Collectible Locations

In this guide we will show you where to find all the collectibles in “Chapter 7 – Felons” of the game A Plague Tale: Requiem. There are eight collectibles in Chapter 7.

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Knife #1

Objective: Cross the beach

You will a beach at the beginning of the chapter where Hugo will charge into some seagulls. Right after this, you will see a little house on the left. Enter inside to find a knife lying on a mattress. 

Feather #1 Black Headed Gull

Objective: Cross the beach

Leave the same house from the left window. The feather will be on the ground at the end of that path.

Tool #1 

Objective: Reach the shipwreck

You will notice a large chest on the left of the cave portion while moving the blazing brazier cart into the caves. Use Ignifer slingshot at the brazier in front of the chest to scare the rats away.

Souvenir #1 The Survivor

Objective: Find the smuggler’s hideout

After exiting the cave, you will arrive at another beach. A shipwreck can be found on the left. Climb the cliffs to the left of the wreckage and inspect it to activate the Souvenir.

Secret Chest #1 

Objective: Find the smuggler’s hideout

After defeating enemies inside the cave, you will arrive at a point where you must move a coffin to continue your journey. Instead, immediately crouch into a boat. It contains a secret chest.

Knife #2

Objective: Reach Sophia’s boat

You get the ability to command Arnaud to attack enemies. When you arrive at a beach, instruct Arnaud to attack enemies. A knife can be found on the beach rocks to the right of the wreckage.

Souvenir #2 The First Men 

Objective: Reach Sophia’s boat

You’ll have to push a coffin aside at the end of the beach to get through a gap and into the next area.

Turn left before proceeding to the next beach and climb up the ledges that lead into a cave.

Take the torch from the right side of the cave and proceed to the cave’s end. Examine the cave mural on the wall for this Souvenir.

Tool #2

Objective: Reach Sophia’s boat

Continue to the right side of the fishing village until you notice a rope that you can pull near the houses.

Pull the rope to bring down a large platform with a chest on it.

Steers the rats away before reaching the chest.

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