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This article will guide you on how to complete the objective of the side quest “A Trial of Archery” in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Starting Location 

Requirement: Gift of the Bow side quest
Speak with Glyndwr (NPC) in front of Roderick’s Smithy Vernworth. Glyndwr wants you to join him for his Archery trial.

Attend Glyndwr’s Trial of Archery

Go to Malachite Forest to meet Glyndwr (NPC). You can find him waiting near a small campfire after crossing the gap fallen tree branch.

Accompany Glyndwr

Follow Glyndwr to Sacred Arbor village.

After the cutscene, follow him back inside Arborist’s Home, where you will find that his sister is kidnapped.

Make for the ancestral chamber

Head to the location marked on the map to find Glyndwr waiting for you. This location is located north of Arbor Bridge.

Venture in and rescue Doireann

Enter the ancestor chamber. Eliminate the Wolves and Goblins along the path. You’ll find Doireann near the end of the chamber. As you approach the quest objective location, you will get a cut scene in which Ogre is holding Doireann.

Carry Doireann out of the ancestral chamber

Shoots the Ogre to make her drop Doireann. Sprint to the platform to grab Doireann and carry her back outside.

Speak with Taliesin

Speak with Glyndwr and then Taliesin to complete the quest.

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