Dragon’s Dogma 2: All Main Quest & Side Quests Walkthrough

This article contains the complete Dragon’s Dogma 2 walkthrough with all Quest lists including all Side Quests. Dragon’s Dogma 2 includes 16 main quests and 52 side quests.

Main Quests

  1. Gaoled Awakening
  2. Tale’s Beginning
  3. In Dragon’s Wake
  4. Seat of the Sovran
  5. Monster Culling
  6. Disa’s Plot
  7. The Caged Magistrate
  8. The Stolen Throne
  9. An Unsettling Encounter
  10. Feast of Deception
  11. Nation of the Lambent Flame
  12. Flickering Shadows
  13. Convergence
  14. A New Godsway
  15. The Guardian Gigantus
  16. Legacy

Side Quests

  1. The Provisioner’s Plight
  2. Ordeals of a New Recruit
  3. Claw Them Into Shape
  4. Beren’s Final Lesson
  5. Spellbound ( same as The Sorcerer’s Appraisal side quest – same books the player needs to find)
  6. Medicament Predicament
  7. Brothers Brave and Timid
  8. Oxcart Courier
  9. Nesting Troubles
  10. Vocations Frustration
  11. A Place to Call Home
  12. The Heel of History
  13. A Case of Sculptor’s Block
  14. Scaly Invaders
  15. The Gift of Giving
  16. House of the Blue Sunbright
  17. The Nameless Village
  18. The Arisen’s Shadow
  19. Gift of the Bow
  20. A Trial of Archery
  21. Till death do us part
  22. Saint of the Slums
  23. Dulled Steel, Cold Forge
  24. A Magisterial Amenity
  25. Every Rose has its Thorns
  26. A Veil of Gossamer Clouds
  27. The Sorcerer’s Appraisal ( same as Spellbound side quest – same books player needs to find)
  28. Hunt for the Jadeite Orb
  29. Prey for the Pack
  30. Readvent of Calamity
  31. Trouble on the Cape
  32. Home is Where the Hearth Is
  33. Tolled to Rest
  34. A Game of Wits
  35. Masked Correspondence
  36. Mercy among Thieves
  37. Welcome to Battahl
  38. Shadowed Prayers
  39. The Phantom Oxcart
  40. Tensions on the Highroad
  41. A Noble Exchange
  42. Short-Sighted Ambition
  43. The Ornate Box
  44. A Poisonous Proposal
  45. Off the Pilfered Path
  46. Twixt a Rock and a Hard Place
  47. A Beggar’s Tale
  48. Steeled Resolve, Blazing Forge
  49. Put a Spring in Thy Step
  50. A Candle in the Storm
  51. The Sotted Sage
  52. Crossing in Shadow
  53. The Ailing Arborheart
  54. Out of the Forest, Into the Forge
  55. Clash and Conclusion – Defeat Raghnall in The Guardian Gigantus main quest
  56. Dreams Apart
  57. When Wills Collide
  58. A Scholarly Pursuit
  59. Halls of the First Dawn
  60. The Regentkin’s Resolve
  61. Wandering Roots
  62. Civil Unrest
  63. The Importance of Aiding Ernesto
  64. Shepherd of the Pawns

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