Albinauric Rise Puzzle | Elden Ring

  • Post published:March 8, 2022
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As you reach the Albinauric Rise tower, you will find the doors sealed. To unseal the tower you will need an Imp ash. This guide shows how to get a Fanged Imp Ash and how to use it to break the seal on the door of Albinauric Rise.

How to get Fanged Imp Ash

You can purchase the Fanged Imp Ash from the Isolated Merchant in the Academy of Raya Lucaria.

Enter the academy through the South Raya Lucaria Gate using a Glintstone Key. After entering the academy, turn around and go southeast on the bridge as shown in the pictures below. On this bridge, you will find the vendor. You can purchase the Fanged Imp Ash from him for 2000 Runes.

How to Open Albinauric Rise Sealed Door

Now go to Albinauric Rise, which is on the north side of Consecrated Snowfields Catacombs as shown in the picture below.

Here, you will need to defeat the imps nearby by summoning Fanged Imp. You can participate in the fight as well. Summoned imp don’t even need to give the final blow. They only need to do some damage to the imps and it would be sufficient. Once the enemy imps are dead, the seal will be broken. You can also use a bewitching charm to make the imps fight with each other, and that would also break the seal. Once the seal is broken, go to the top of the tower and get Graven-Mass Talisman.

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