All 16 Retro CD Locations & How to Play Retro CD | FNAF Security Breach

There are 16 Retro CDs in Five Nights at Freddy´s: Security Breach. The RETRO CDs will be revealed only if you’re inside Freddy. If you can’t see the Retro CDs when you arrive at the location, call Freddy, enter Freddy to reveal the Retro CD, then exit Freddy and collect the Retro CD. This walkthrough will show you where you can find all 16 RETRO CDs in FNAF Security Breach. This video also demonstrates how to play the Retro CDs. These Retro CDs are recordings of Vanessa’s (Vanny) therapy sessions.

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Retro CD #1 (Atrium)

It is located in the middle of the main atrium as marked on the map. It is middle of the circular diagram where it is written, Pizzaplex Freddy.

Retro CD #2 (Rehearsal Stage)

Located at the rehearsal stage. You can reach here by entering from the door next to Rockstar Row at Level-1

Retro CD #3 Kid’s Cove

Located south of Monty Gator Golf. You will find it inside a half-open wooden chest, just opposite the lighthouse.

Retro CD #4 Chica’s Bakery

Located at Chica’s Bakery on level-2. You can reach here by going upstairs through the stairs next to Monty´s Mini Golf main gate. The large golden cupcake can be found right at the entrance of the diner.

Retro CD #5 Monty’s Mini Golf

Located inside Monty’s Mini Golf. Go till the end of the left balcony, there you will find a board of ‘5.’ Behind till at the end you find the CD floating over a hole.

Retro CD #6 (Mazercise)

This is located inside Mazercise at level-3, near drink machines.

Retro CD #7 (Fazer Blast)

Inside Fazer Blast at level-2. From elevator take right. You will find CD in front of the trophies display 

Retro CD #8 (Bonnie Bowl)

This one is located in the back of Bonnie Bowl as shown in the image.

Retro CD #9 (Roxy Raceway)

When going to enter Roxy Raceway, skip the first garage door and instead go right and enter the second one. From the second garage door, head left and you’ll find the plushie carrying the CD at the photo set.

Retro CD #10 (Roxy Raceway)

It’s inside the bumper cars on the opposite end from the entrance. as marked on the map.

Retro CD #11 (West Arcade)

It is inside west Arcade. Go upstairs using the spiral stairs and take right. You will find the CD in the second room karaoke room.

Retro CD #12 Rehearsal Stage

Use the back door of Rockstar Row at level-1 to reach the Rehearsal stage as marked on the map.

Retro CD #13 

Located in front of Freddy’s room in the back of Main Atrium. It is a cardboard cutout with octopus paint

Retro CD #14 (Rockstar Row Entrance)

Enter it from Rockstar Row and run to the far left to find the garage door and then go left. At the second gate look right to find the CD. In the same room, you found the Photo Pass at the start of the game.

Retro CD #15 (Maintenance Tunnel)

You need Monty’s Claws to reach the area. Go backstage from Rockstar Row and run to the far left to find a red color utility tunnel door near Freddy’s poster. Head downstairs to find the CD.

Retro CD #16 (Prize Corner) 

You need Monty’s Claws to reach the area. From the previous CD’s location keeps moving ahead in the dark tunnel and you will reach here.

After collecting all the 16 CDs, you now can play CDs in a secret room. You need Monty’s Claws and Chia’s Voicebox to reach the room. From the last CD’s location (room), come out of the other gate and follow the hallway. At the end-use FAZ camera to reveal the secret door. Head inside and play the CDs on the tape recorder.

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