Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: Mission List & Walkthrough (FNAF)

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, released on 16th December 2021, is the eighth installment of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. It is a survival horror game in which you play as Gregory, a young boy who’s been trapped overnight inside of Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. With the help of Freddy himself, Gregory must uncover the secrets of the Pizzaplex, learn the truth, and survive until dawn. This guide lists all the main missions in the game with links to their walkthrough. Some of the walkthroughs are in video format and some are written walkthroughs.

FNAF: Security Breach – Mission List

1. Free Freddy (Video)
– Find Button
– Release Freddy from his room
– Find a Freddy Photo Pass
– Use Photo Pass to release Freddy

2. Get Out
– Get to the Main Lobby of the Pizzaplex (Video)
– Find the Lobby (Video)
– Connect to the Security System
– Find a safe path to the main entrance

3. No Re-entry (Video)
– Upgrade Comp Pass at upgrade machine
– Hack the Upgrade Machine
– Use Daycare Pass to get into Daycare

4. Slide into Fun (Written Walkthrough)
– Find a Security Desk in the Daycare
– Make a Distraction
– Get the Security Badge from the Security Desk

5. Let there be light (Video)
– Take the Flashlight
– Turn the Generators On (5/5)
– Meet Freddy Outside the Daycare

6. Escape the Daycare (Written Walkthrough)
– Escape the Daycare with Freddy
– Get to the Re-charge station

7. Prize Counter (Written Walkthrough)
– Find the prize counter security office on the 3rd floor
– Find the door to the security office
– Find another way into the security office
– Take the security badge from the security office
– Survive until Freddy shuts down the alarm
– Find the VIP room at the back of the Prize Counter

8. Loading Dock (Written Walkthrough)
– Find the Loading Dock under the 1st floor Food Court
– Enter the vent near Salads and Sides
– Get a security badge from the kitchen office
– Distract Chica and get to the Load Dock through the Kitchen
– Locate the Loading Dock controls

9. Free Map
– Collect the Map

10. Find Freddy (Written Walkthrough)
– Return to Freddy
– Use the Prize Counter elevator

11. Lost And Found (Written Walkthrough)
– Escape Lost And Found
– Get to the Atrium before Vanny finds you
– Use stack of boxes to find Freddy in Raceway sub lobby

12. Rehearsal Space (Written Walkthrough)
– Find a backstage pass in the rehearsal room

13. Backstage (Written Walkthrough)
– Find Lift Controls in Backstage Office
– Help Freddy Through Locked Doors
– Escape Through Vent

14. Showtime (Written Walkthrough)
– Follow Freddy to the Main Stage
– Use Disk on the Sound Booth to activate Main Stage
– Use the button on the Main Stage
– Get to the Re-charge station

15. Parts and Service (Written Walkthrough)
– Find a way into Parts and Service
– Complete Freddy’s Maintenance

16. Warehouse (Written Walkthrough)
– Get a security badge from the Warehouse office
– Return to Parts and Service

17. Party Pass (Written Walkthrough)
– Use service elevators up to Rockstar Row
– Find the Part Pass in Chica’s Green Room

18. Moonlight Serenade
– Get to the recharge station!

19. Fazer Blast (Written Walkthrough)
– Use the Party Pass to access Fazer Blast
– Receive the Fazerblaster by winning Fazerblast!
– Pick up your prize in the Prize Counter of Fazerblast

20. Office to Office (Written Walkthrough)
– Investigate Fazerblast Office

21. Monty Golf (Written Walkthrough)
– Use the Party Pass to find the Faz Camera in Monty Golf

22. Dumpster Diving (Written Walkthrough)
– Find out how to decommission Chica
– Lure Chica into the Kitchen Trash Compactor
– Get Voice Box from Chica and escape
– Upgrade Freddy in Parts and Service

23. Monty Mystery Mix (Written Walkthrough)
– Find the Monty Mystery Mix in Bonnie Bowl
– Use Monty Mystery Mix in Kitchen Compactor

24. Power On
– Turn on the generator for the Trash Compactor

25. Chica’s Beak (Written Walkthrough)
– Access the Sewer
– Turn the generators on (3/3)
– Enter Staffbot Silo
– Upgrade Freddy in Parts and Service (Completed in Dumpster Diving Mission)

26. Recharge Time
– Get to the recharge station!

27. Thrill Seeker (Written Walkthrough)
– Find out how to decommission Monty
– Investigate the vent in Mazercise
– Find Mazercise control key in the Daycare Theater
– Use Mazercise controls to move the walls and access the vent
– Defeat Monty and take his claws

28. Monty’s Claw (Written Walkthrough)
– Fill Splash Bucket
– Dump Splash Bucket
– Collect Monty’s Claws

29. Roxy’s Weakness (Written Walkthrough)
– Find out how to stop Roxy in Roxy Raceway
– Find a working Racekart to run over Roxy
– Find missing robot head in Roxy Raceway

30. Repair Robot Head (Written Walkthrough)
– Find Dance Pass and bring robot head to West Arcade
– Bring the robot head to the Security Office
– Reboot the West Arcade – DJ booth
– Reset 3 breakers scattered across West Arcade
– Reset the last breaker at the end of the maintenance hall
– Repair robot head

31. Stop Roxy (Written Walkthrough)
– Install head on the kart in Roxy Raceway

32. Upgrade Freddy (Written Walkthrough)
– Get Roxy’s Eyes
– Upgrade Freddy with Roxy’s Eyes

33. Get Out!
– Escape the Pizzaplex!

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