All 9 Unidentified Target Locations | Spiderman 2

  • Post published:October 21, 2023
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This guide shows the location of all 9 Unidentified Targets in the Spiderman 2 game, which released on 20 October 2023. Getting all 9 Unidentified Targets unlocks the Data Collector Trophy. To complete an Unidentified Target, go to the marked location and use Webwings to follow the drone until the download is 100% complete.

1) Harlem Unidentified Target

This one is unmissable. You get it automatically during Main Mission 18: Wings of My Own. The rest of the Unidentified Targets will be available after this.

2) Chinatown Unidentified Target

3) Financial District Unidentified Target

4) Midtown Unidentified Target

5) Upper East Side Unidentified Target

6) Upper West Side Unidentified Target

7) Williamsburg Unidentified Target

8) Downtown Queens Unidentified Targets

9) Midtown Unidentified Target

This will be available after you have done the previous eight Unidentified Targets. Go to the marked location and interact with the computer there to get the location of the target. Reach the target’s location and defeat all the enemies there. Then enter the penthouse through the roof. Scan the olives on the kitchen counter. Then examine the Chess Board and move the Queen to open a secret door. Go to the secret room and interact with the items there to complete the quest. this also unlocks the Data Collector Trophy.

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