All Behemoth Locations | Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows all the 3 locations of The Behemoth in the Tower of Fantasy game. The Behemoth drops a very rare item called Omnium Beast Right Arm, which is used to unlock Omnium Beast VII Vehicle.

The Behemoth Locations

The Behemoth drops Omnium Beast Right Arm. The drop rate of Omnium Beast Right Arm is very low (<1%) and you might need to fight Behemoth hundreds of times before you get it. There are three locations where you can find The Behemoth. You can fight Behemoth at all these three locations without any daily limit. All the three locations where you can find The Behemoth is shown in the article below.

The Behemoth Location 1

The Behemoth Location 2

The Behemoth Location 3

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