All Character Chat Locations | Diluc, Barbara, Klee, Albedo, Jean, Kaeya, Razor | Genshin Impact 1.6

You will get the option to chat with all the characters after completing the third act of Genshin Impact 1.6 Midsummer Island Adventure. All the characters (Barbara, Klee, Diluc, Albedo, Jean, Kaeya, Razor) will be scattered around the various islands of the Golden Apple Archipelago.  It can be a tedious task to find them. Hope this guide helps you in finding all the characters.

Barbara and Razor Chat Location

Barbara and Razor both can be in the Northeast portion of the central Island (The One on the east of Broken Isle and South West of Twinning Isle). Please see the picture below for the exact location. You can find Barbara standing on the beach by the rocks. Razor is standing on the same beach at a short distance just a bit right to Barbara.

Diluc Chat Location

Players are having the most difficulty in finding Diluc’s chat location. He can be found in the Northwest most island of the Golden Apple Archipelago. Diluc is in the southern portion of the island standing on a rack in the mid of the water as shown n the picture below. You can fast travel to the waypoint on that island and from there Diluc can be clearly seen across standing on a rock, You can swim to reach his location.

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Klee and Jean Chat Location

Jean and Klee both are on the island south of the Broken Isle. They are in the southern portion of the island next to each other near the waypoint. Klee will be sitting on the sand while Jean can be seen standing next to her. See the picture below for their exact location

Kaeya Chat location

Kaeya is on the same Beach as Klee & Jean just within walking distance from them. Klee and Jean are at the one side of the waypoint and Kaeya on the other (See the picture below)

Albedo Chat Location

Albedo is at the northwest portion of Minacious Isle, which is the southern most island on the Golden Apple Archipelago. Albedo can be found near the waypoint standing close to the mountain edge. Please see the picture below for the exact location of Albedo.

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