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There are a total of 15 USB Sticks to be collected in Far Cry 6. Collecting all the 15 USB songs unlocks ‘That’s My Jam’ Trophy/ Achievement. Each USB Stick unlocks a song. location of USB sticks is highlighted on the map when you are near to it. This article shows the location of all the 15 USB Sticks.

1) Ay Lola “La Figura” (Valle De Oro)

This USB Stick is in Cruz Del Salvador. You will get it as a reward for completing the ‘And the Beat Goes On‘ Treasure Hunt.

2) Pxssy Powah! (Esperanza)

This one is in Esperanza, on the top of a table in Guerilla Hideout “Mercurio Mecanico” as shown below.

3) Abuso De Poder (Madrugada)

It is in Aguas Lindas on the rooftop of the control tower at FDA Airbase Olimpia as shown below.

4) What A Bam Bam (Madrugada)

This one is on a table outside the highlighted building in Verdera town.

5) Sentimiento Original (Madrugada)

It is on top of a dumpster at Hideout Mambo in Aguas Lindas as shown below.

6) Pulpa De Tamarindo (Madrugada)

It is on a table at Ocaso Marina in Costa Del Mar.

7) Hitboy (Isla Santuario)

It is inside the highlighted building in the Viviro Nueve Plantation in Isla Santuario.

8) Educate Ya (Valle De Oro)

It is stuck inside a laptop on the counter inside a gas station at the highlighted location in Balaceras.

9) Here We Kum (Esperanza)

This one is in Esperanza on the roof of the building highlighted below. Enter the building as shown in the third picture below. Go till the end and take the staircase to reach the roof. On the roof, you will find the USB stick inside the storage room.

10) Dinero (Valle De Oro)

It is on the top of the roof of Orquidea Villa in Barrial. You can climb up the vines behind the villa or fly a helicopter to reach the roof.

11) Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix) (Valle De Oro)

It is on the top of a dumpster of a parking lot in Barrial as shown below.

12) La Vida Me Cambio (El Este)

This one is inside a little guardhouse at the entrance to ‘Sureno Shipyards’ in Sierra Perdida.

13) La Bella Ciao De Libertad (El Este)

It is in an underground bunker in La Joya at the location shown below. At the highlighted location you will find the bunker entrance next to a red radio tower. Go down the ladder into the bunker. Inside the bunker, go inside the first room on the right side. You will find the USB stick here as shown below in the fourth picture.

14) Los Caminos De La Vida (El Este)

This one is near the wooden house at the highlighted location in Conuco as shown below.

15) Yo Aprendi (El Este)

The final USB song is in Maldito in Conuco. It is inside a wooden hut as shown below.

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