Backstage: Find Lift Controls and Help Freddy | Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach (2021). This guide will show you how to find lift controls and Help Freddy in the Backstage Office in FNAF Security Breach mission “BackStage“.

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Find Lift Controls in Backstage Office

This mission will start in the backstage’s sound room at level 1. From the sound room, go to the right and you will see a hallway that leads to the Backstage office. After passing through a series of doors and you will find a door that says “To Stage Controls” as shown in the third picture.

Head inside and climb up the stairs inside. Enter the second door to reach the Control Room. In the control room, you will find multiple screens and buttons in front of them. Familiarize yourself with the placement of all the buttons and then take the Security Badge and the Performance Disk.

Help Freddy Through Locked Doors

Taking out the security badge will trigger an alarm and lure Roxie and Monty to the office. Freddy will ask your help in opening the gate by pressing the button in front of the screen where he waves at you.

While watching screens for Freddy to wave at you, look at two screens on either side of the room, one on the right will show Monty and the one on the left will show Roxie. When any one of them pound on the door, run over to the door they’re hitting and press the button next to it to shock and incapacitate them for a short while.

You have five minutes to get out of the room. At around 4 minutes, you will see Freddy on the first monitor at the back row waving at you. Press the button in front of the monitor when he shouts at you “Over here“.

Keep this up, Freddy will wave 5 times on different screens. First time at the back row, second and third time at the front-row screen, the again fourth time at the back row, and finally on the front row for the fifth time.

Escape through Vent

After you have pressed the 5 buttons, Freddy will eventually appear beneath the vent on the floor next to where you grabbed the security badge as shown in the picture below. Wait for Freddy to open the vents and jump down to complete the Backstage mission.

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