Biomutant Hobydunk: Complete Area Objectives Location Guide

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The following objectives become available when you reach Hobydunk:

    • Resource Totem x 2
    • Pew Pew Broker x 1
    • Superb Loot x 2
    • Underground Area x 1
    • Old World Gadget x 1
    • Gearwear Upgrade Bench x 1
    • Weapon Upgrade Bench x 1

Underground Area: The underground Area is located in the northern part of Hobydunk. This area is inside a cave and you need Googlide to reach there.

Superb Loot #1: Explore the shipwreck inside the underground (cave) to get your first superb loot.

Resource Totem #1: Rubber Totem is located not very far shore on the east side of the island.

Resource Totem #2: Take the road going sharp left from the central area of the village. You can find the next totem behind bamboo plants

Pew Pew Broker: You can find Pew Pew Broker inside a hut. Take the road that is going up the hill from the central area of the village. The road starts just beside a big tree.

Gearwear Upgrade Bench: Just outside where the hut where you meet Pew Pew Broker, there is a rope hanging from an air balloon. Use the rope to climb up to the balloon base and get Gearwear Upgrade Bench

Weapon Upgrade Bench: You can find this item in the same air balloons where you got Gearwear Upgrade Bench.

Old World Gadget: Hobydrunk 

To get this you first need to talk with LUMP at Floatboat and collect a quest from him. Select the option “A short trip get the appetite going.” to start a new quest Wiffledust-Up.

Head back to Hobydrunk Village. Follow the trail to reach the marked location. It is a shop(bakery). Interact with the cooking burner to solve the rotation puzzle. Rotate each of the nodes so that colors match each other.

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