Biomutant Guide: How to get the Pri Murgel Sword

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Biomutant Pri Murgel Sword Guide – How to Get Best Weapon

    • To get the Pri Murgel Sword, you have to complete the Lumentower quest found in the Lumentower location.
    • Use Googlide boat to reach Lumentower. Complete the puzzle and get to the top of the Lumentower. 
    • You will have to interact with Lumenlamp that will illuminate a secret cave found at a mountain.
    • A marker for the new sidequest ‘In the Spotlight‘ will appear on the map at this point.

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    • Exit the tower and use the Googlide to travel across the water to reach the shore.
    • Climb the mountain wall to reach the marked cave and interact with the entrance to go inside.
    • Fight with the boss ‘Surf Huggel’ inside the cave guarding the sword. Defeat the Surf Huggel.
    • Interact with all the three symbol (Runic) walls found around the room
    • Once you are done, head to the middle platform where the sword is and pick it up.

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