Bronze Mask Location: Resident Evil 8 Village Shadows of Rose

This guide will show you where to find the “Bronze Mask” in the game Resident Evil 8 Village DLC Expansion, Shadows of Rose which is released on 28 October 2022. After finding the “Purifying Crystal” inside a lantern hanging from The Disciples Statue, you need to find three masks.

Where to find the Bronze Mask

From the main hall, enter the dining room through the brown double doors. Here, you will find a chained door and you need a bolt cutter to open it.

To find the bolt cutter, proceed to the kitchen through the single door in the dining room (on the left).

Eliminate the Face Eater and then enter another small room at the very back of the kitchen to find bolt cutters.

Return to the dining room and cut the chain on the door leading to the courtyard outside using the bolt cutters.  

How to get Bronze Mask

When you approach the courtyard, a cutscene appears informing you that the mask is trapped and you must break the core. The game will instruct you to search for a power amplifier.

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Rose may now utilize her powers to clear new paths using the power amplifier. First, remove the two cores from the attic.

Go downstairs and use your powers on the core in the waiting area to unlock the briefcase. Go to the library and defeat three Face Eaters.

Return to the courtyard from the library. Make your way to the courtyard’s center and clear the core to obtain the bronze mask.

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