Chapter 4: All Collectible Locations in Resident Evil 4 Remake

This article will guide you on where to find all Collectible in Chapter 4 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake which is released on 24 March 2023.

1) Key Item: Old Wayshrine Key

Objective: Investigate the two locations

The Old Wayshrine Key can be located in the vicinity of an underground lake situated within the Mural Cave. Upon reaching the lake, the key can be found resting on a small altar.

2) Merchant Request: Egg Hunt

The request memo is on the wall left of the previous item. You need to go to the east side of the lake on a chicken farm to find a golden egg.

3) Treasure: Alexandrite

To find the Treasure, you’ll need to locate a chest within the shipwreck situated in the middle of the lake.

4) Treasure + Weapon: Red9 Pistol

Inside another chest on the same shipwreck.

5) Treasure: Velvet Blue

The treasure is on a wooden barrel located in the eastern part of the lake, where there is a chicken farm.

6) Gold Chicken Egg (for Merchant Request: Egg Hunt)

In the same area where you find the previous collectible. There is a chicken farm where you can find a golden egg.

7) Treasure: Pearl Bangle

It is located on the altar in the Lakeside Settlement area. Use the Old Wayshrine Key on the altar to get the Pearl Bangle.

8) Request: Catch Me A Big Fish

The blue letter is behind the door that can be opened using Insignia Key in the Lakeside Settlement area. In this request, you need to catch a Lunker Bass fish from the lake in front of the Boat House

9) Castellan #4

After passing through another gate in the same area, you can access a house and ascend a ladder to reach the Forest Altar area. Once there, it is possible to shoot the Castellan by aiming through a fence.

10) Key Item: Small Key

A small key is in the same area as the previous Castellan. The small key on the cart is on the left side.

11) Treasure: Gold Bar

Enter the house in Lakeside Settlement and open the drawer to get the treasure. Use the small key to open the drawer in the first room.

12) Treasure: Red Gemstone Ring

Proceed to the far end of the house where you acquired the previous treasure, then descend into the dimly lit basement. You will find the treasure located at the basement’s end.

13) Lunker Bass (for Merchant Request: Catch Me A Big Fish)

Use the harpoon to catch the fish ‘Lunker Bass‘ near the Boat House.

14) Finish Requests “Egg Hunt” & “Catch Me A Big Fish”

Return to the merchant situated in the southwest of the lake and sell the Golden Egg and Lunker Bass to complete both of the requests.

15) Key Item: Blasphemer’s Head

Navigate the boat towards the northeast region called the “Small Cave Shrine.” Once there, interact with the console near the locked door and press the three icons in the specified sequence.

Pick up the Blasphemer’s Head from the room that gets unlocked.

16) Key Item: Hexagon Piece C

In the same room collect the key item from the table.

17) Treasure: Ruby

In the same room climb up the ladder and shoot the silver container to pick up the treasure.

18) Treasure: Depraved Idol

Make your way to the stone shrine situated on the western shore of the lake and place the 3 Hexagon Pieces inside it.

Hexagon Piece A: Available in Chapter 3
Hexagon Piece B: Available in Chapter 3
Hexagon Piece C: Available in Chapter 4

Adjust the position of the Hexagon Pieces to match the configuration depicted below in order to obtain the treasure. If you are playing on the Assisted or Standard difficulty, you will need to perform only 2 moves: rotate the left side once and then rotate the top side once.

19) Treasure: Splendid Bangle

Navigate the boat towards the western shore of the lake by passing through the tunnel. Upon reaching the destination, disembark the boat and utilize the Old Wayshrine Key to unlock a shrine and obtain the treasure.

20) Treasure: Alexandrite

Look above and to the right of the previous treasure shrine to find a container hanging. Shoot it down to get the treasure

21) Treasure: Velvet Blue

It is inside the cave. Shoot down the hanging silver container from the ceiling to get the treasure.

22) Key Item: Apostate’s Head

In the same area of the cave, progress towards the far end and ascend the ladder. Approach the console adjacent to the door and select the 3 appropriate icons to initiate the opening of the door.

23) Key Item: Church Insignia

Objective: Get the key to the church

Return to the Mural Cave and position Blasphemer’s Head on the left pedestal, and Apostate’s Head on the right pedestal to get the Key Item: Church Insignia.

24) Treasure: Butterfly Lamp

Objective: Head for the church

Retrace your steps in the direction of the Quarry and use the Wayshrine Key on the designated Wayshrine shown on the map to uncover the Butterfly Lamp treasure.

25) Key Item: Small Key

Objective: Look for Ashley in the Church

Use the church Insignia on the gate of the church and gain access to the interior. On the right-hand side of the altar, you will come across the Small Key.

26) Treasure: Yellow Diamond

Make your way towards the typewriter save room located within the church and use the Small Key to unlock the drawer. You will discover the Yellow Diamond treasure.

27) Key Item: Blue Dial

Inside the church on the right.

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