Chapter 4: All Collectibles Locations Guide | The Callisto Protocol

This guide will show you all the collectibles in “Chapter 4: Habitat” of the game The Callisto Protocol released on December 2nd, 2022. There are seven collectibles in Chapter 4.

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1) Data-Bios: Dr. Caitlyn Mahler: Corruptors

Objective: Follow the Red Pipe
Continue through a sludge-covered region until you reach a vent. On the other side, on the left, is the door to “Purification B H207.” Climb the box to reach the little balcony and look for the collectible on the box.

2) Data-Bios: Ofc. Bruno Vorenus: Crosswired

Objective: Follow the Red Pipe

Enter inside the vent to the left of the door to “Purification B H207”. In the far right corner of the room near the exit is a corpse you can harvest.

3) Data-Bios: Dr. Jae Moon-Bell: Cocoons

Objective: Follow the Red Pipe

Continue to process in the chapter until you end up in a room where you have to switch fuses again that is accessible after climbing the ladder. Enter Access Hall H206 to arrive in a hallway and then enter Storage Hall H239.

After switching fuses again, going through a decontamination room to find a corpse on the right side of the room

4) Data-Bios: Ofc. James Reese: Suicide Guard

Objective: Get Code from Guard

This is a part of the chapter progression when you complete the objective “Get Code from Guard”. You will find it in the Guard’s corpse in the room where you get introduced to enemies with tentacles.

5) Data-Bios: Sgt. Bill Pekelo

Objective: Get Code from Guard
This is part of the chapter progression. You pick this after a long water slide section from a Guard’s corpse.

6) Data-Bios: Ofc. James Reese: Security

Objective: Get Code from Guard
In the same location, go through the garden area “Botanical H264”. At the end of this area, you can squeeze through a gap to find it.

Botanical H264 > Utility Hall H62E > squeeze through a gap

7) Data-Bios: Ofc. Kyle Serra: Evacuation

Objective: Reach the Utility Hatch

After the last story segment, you will be back outside and must proceed to the newly unlocked area. Head into the Utility Building > Hall 631. The Data Bio is at the end of the room.

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