Chapter 6 The Doctor: Lust from Beyond (Walkthrough)

Lust from beyond: Chapter 6 – The Doctor

This walkthrough of the game “Lust from Beyond” will guide you through all the objectives of Chapter 6 – The Doctor. As this chapter starts, Victor finds himself abducted by the Doctor and his team. Dr. Austerlitz transports Victor to Lusst’ghaa (dreamland) and orders him to bring a hidden book “The Nature of Universe” from Lusst’ghaa.

Objective: Get “The Nature of Universe”

  • Once Victor is inside Lusst’ghaa, he needs to find the book “The Nature of Universe”, which is hidden behind a locked door. Victor needs to climb up a ramp to reach the upper level and solve the puzzle to unlock the door.
  • Stone needs to be placed on the door to unlock it.
  • Use the hand lever to move the platform to reach the desired location. We have numbered the levers from 1 to 6 (see the image below)
    • Pull lever 2 & 3, to reach the stone pillar. Move the stone pillar onto the platform.
    • Pull lever 1, 6, 4 & 5 to move the platform to the next location. Now, move the stone pillar forward and climb it to reach the stone.
    • Pull lever 2 & 3, to move the platform near the locked door. Use the stone to open the door.
  • Collect the book and stone behind the locked door
  • Follow the path back toward the starting location. Place the stone on the pedestal located on the left side.
  • A multilegged flying creature with red glowing lights will safely guide Victor out of the Lusst’ghaa’s dangerous alley. Keep following the tunnel until you reach the starting location.

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