Chapter 7 Walkthrough – Head for the courtyard | Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)

This article will guide you through all the objectives of Chapter 7 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake which is released on 24 March 2023.

Head for the courtyard

Once Chapter 7 begins, you will enter the Castle and look for the merchant at the first door on the right side. It’s here that you can acquire the Castle Treasure Map. Also, a Vintage Compass is available to grab if you follow the right wall around the building.

As you go up the staircase and proceed along the path within the castle, you’ll encounter your first enemy. Defeat this enemy to obtain a Boot Knife.

Continue to follow the path until you arrive at an outside section where you must defeat a bunch of enemies firing crossbows at you. Keep following the path, ascend the spiral staircase, and steer clear of incoming catapult attacks.

Climb another flight of stairs and stick to the right-hand side to circle around into the structure without a roof. From there, make your way toward the tower that boasts a green dome.

Eliminate the enemy situated near the green dome, then descend into the room below. Shoot at the hanging weight-balancing bag to elevate the cannon.

Exit the room and climb the ladder, past the wooden ramp, and through the door to go around the building and return to the green dome.

Proceed towards the cannon and start firing upon the enemies’ catapult. There are four distinct firing points.

Ultimately, you can aim the cannon directly at the castle gate to create an opening in the path.

Pass through the gate that you blasted open with the cannon and meet another merchant. Afterward, proceed to the main hall where a cut scene will start. To progress further, you must fight a bunch of enemies here

Now you must exit the hall. Look on the left side of the room, there is a spot you can boost Ashley up to open the door for you.

Pass through the gate and then squeeze through the narrow opening.

Look for another way around

Key Item: Dungeon Key
Proceed along the path until you arrive at the dungeon entrance. From there, enter the left-hand door and continue to the end of the pathway to acquire the Dungeon Key from a corpse.

 Look for another way around

After obtaining the Dungeon Key, the floor will collapse beneath you and you will come face to face with the first Garrador. Although this opponent is blind, they possess sharp hearing, so it’s important to stay quiet and utilize stealth tactics when battling them.

Rush into the chamber with wooden walls before the Garrador frees itself, then crouches alongside the room’s perimeter. Execute a surprise attack from behind, then retreat while he swings around. Repeat this process until the Garrador is defeated. Trophy: Never Heard It Coming (Defeat a Garrador using only knives)

After defeating the Garrador, turn the handle near the gate to open it and depart from the room.

From there, retrace your steps along the path until you reunite with Ashley. Then, use the Dungeon Key to unlock the central door and continue forward.

Follow the path into the next room to reach the Treasury, where you will have to complete a puzzle to exit the other side. Below is the link to solve the sword puzzle in the treasury area.

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Proceed through the recently unlocked door to arrive at the upper level of the Audience Chamber. From there, approach the left-hand door and target the symbol near the locked gate. Next, leap across the chandelier and aim at another symbol to unlock the gate.

Head through the big doors on the upper floor to reach the Water Hall.

Follow the path on the lower level towards the center of the area, where you’ll find a statue from which you can pick up the Halo Wheel.

Head towards the pedestal on the right side of the room with the Halo wheel, insert the wheel, and turn the crank to lower the stairs.

Take the Halo wheel to the right side of the room where there is a pedestal. Insert the wheel and crank it to lower the stairs.

Proceed to the next area and reach the far end where you can crank a Halo wheel again to raise a section of the bridge.

After that, assist Ashley to reach the left side and crank the other two wheels. As she works on it, you’ll have to fight off enemies and ensure her safety.

Once both platforms are raised, Ashley can come down and you can continue toward the exit. In the next area, lift Ashley over the ledge to complete the chapter.

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