Chapter 8 Walkthrough | Resident Evil 4 Remake (2023)

This article will guide you through all the objectives of Chapter 8 of the game Resident Evil 4 Remake which is released on 24 March 2023.

Find Ashley

To begin the chapter, head towards the left to locate a Merchant flame. Once you reach the flame, go up the stairs nearby and continue along the path that leads into the castle. After passing the nurses who are praying in front of the altar, proceed to descend into the next room.

If you look to your left through the curtains into the adjacent room, you will be able to see an enemy (Summoner) standing on the balcony.

Eliminate all the adversaries in the wine cellar room and retrieve the Crimson Lantern from the Summoner.

Head back to the prior room and place the Crimson Lanter on the statue to open the door.

Proceed through the door that has just been opened, then enter the door on the left-hand side and continue along the path until you arrive at a room where a cutscene will be triggered with Ada.

After a cutscene, you will be inside the “Bindery”. You then need to pick up 3 Lithographic stones and insert them into the door to open it.
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Once you have solved the Lithographic puzzle, continue along the path ahead and shift a cabinet out of your path to encounter a Plaga Arana.

Keep following the path until you come across another Merchant. Shoot the counterweight to open the gate near the merchant.

Then shoot another counterweight to the left of the bridge to lower it and deal with a bunch of enemies.

You will see the sun/moon switch, which opens and shuts the area’s gates. When you interact with the switch, it will open the front gate while simultaneously closing the rear (back) gate. Proceed inside and climb the ladder. Interact with the switch on the upper level to open the bottom level’s rear gate. Climb down immediately and enter the back/rear gate.

Drop down into the next area and turn around and follow the path. Kill a few enemies that keep appearing.

Follow the path to find another switch to open the next gate along the path.

Keep following the path and climb up the rubble.

Then immediately drop through the broken hole in the floor. There is a nearby switch that you can ignore.

Kill the enemies. Now climb up the ladder to the second floor, then keep heading up the stairs until you reach the top floor.  

Now jump down from the tower on the left side and keep heading to the next tower. (Note that if you jump from the right-hand side, you may be able to obtain some collectibles on the subsequent tower.)

Keep moving forward on the path until you arrive at a gap with two enemies on the other side. At this point, you must descend to the lower level.

Rotate and enter the doorway, and interact with the level present in the room to interchange the doors.

Drop down to the bottom level and climb back using the ladder to return to the middle level.

Proceed through the newly accessible door and to the final tower which houses a cannon. Shoot the counterweights-1 and then climb up the ladder to upper floor.

Shoot counterweights-2 to raise the cannon to the top of the tower.

Go to the top and use the cannon to shoot the giant.

Also, use the cannon to blast the giant gate.

Finally, leap off the side of the tower and follow the path until you find Ashely.

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