Chica’s Beak: Turn the generators on (3/3) | Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach (2021). This guide will show how you can turn on 3 generators inside the Sewer area in the mission Chica’s Beak in FNAF Security Breach.

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After luring Chia into the Kitchen Trash Compactor, Greg too gets pulled down along with Chica into the sewer area.

Get the Voicebox from Chia and Escape

You are in the underground with ruined Chica. Make sure to use the nearby Save Station. Grab Chia’s Voicebox Upgrade. After grabbing the voice box, follow the sewer path behind the save point, you’ll find a locked gate with a red button. You need to find a generator to turn on the power to activate this button. These are part of the mission: Chica’s Beak

Head to the hallway on the right to reach a big dump area. Keep following the left wall to find the generator-1. After activating the first generator in the large dump, Chica will reappear. Use Fazerblaster to stun Chia and Sprint back through the hallway and return to the gate to escape. Refer to the below images for reference.

After crossing the gate, carefully walk across the wooden boards. Follow the linear path to reach the second locked door with a red button. Take the left path just before the locked door to reach the generator-2. Follow the Green Powerline to locate the Generator. If Chia reappears use Fazerblaster to stun her. After activating the generator-2 Sprint back through the same passage and return to the gate to escape. Refer to the below images for reference.

From the earlier locked gate, continue through until you reach the red door with a Save Station behind it. After passing through the second red door, you will be back in the basement. Avoid the security bots and head north. Walk up the ramp to another big area, keep heading north. You will see Chica here. Stun her and turn on the generator-3 next to her. Refer to the below images for reference.

Escape through the door just north of the generator-3  and follow the pathway until you reach the rusty green door. Climb the green-colored staircase enter the iron-mesh door parallel, just opposite the recharging station. Refer to the below images for reference.

This will take you to the kitchen with a few security bots. Enter the red and blue door as shown below.

Turn left and enter the closed blue door near orange drums, you should be right back to where you left Freddy. Now Backtrack tour way back to the Level-1

Upgrade Feddy in Parts and Service

From Level-1, push the button on the main stage and this will take you down to Basement-2. Enter the door with the B2 sign and sprint towards the two red doors. This will lead you to Parts and Services.  Refer to the below images for reference.

Use the computer in the middle of the room and select “Voicebox upgrade”. Head inside the protective cylinder room and follow the steps correctly to upgrade Freddy’s Voicebox. 

  • Remove bowtie
  • Remove chest cavity
  • Disconnect throat wire
    • Green (right), yellow, green (left)
    • blue-red (right) follow by red-blue (left)
  • Connect throat wire
    • Yellow, green (left), blue (right)
    • red (left), green-red(right), blue (left)

Come out of the protective room and select the option “Finish Upgrade”. And with that, you defeated Chica and used her Voicebox to upgrade Freddy’s. 

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