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This guide shows the location of all Luglox Chests in the “Deep Jungle” area of the High on Life game. Check the link below for a video walkthrough.

Deep Jungle Luglox 1/34

Below the giant tree in front of the portal.

Deep Jungle Luglox 2/34

Take left before the bridge.

Deep Jungle Luglox 3/34

Cross the bridge and go to the right jumping on top of the red mushroom platforms. Luglox is on top of a ledge.

Deep Jungle Luglox 4/34

Cross the toxic river through a zipline to find the Luglox. The same place where you learn how to shoot green buds to open a temporary platform.

Deep Jungle Luglox 5/34

Just after crossing the toxic river using a temporary platform. Luglox is hidden behind another temporary platform. You need to shoot the green bud to open it.

Deep Jungle Luglox 6/34

Opposite of the previous Luglox (next ledge)

Deep Jungle Luglox 7/34

Inside the cave.

Deep Jungle Luglox 8/34

Climb up the left wall just after exiting the cave.

Deep Jungle Luglox 9/34

Continue from the previous location and keep yourself at the left wall to find it.

Deep Jungle Luglox 10/34

Turn around from the previous Luglox to find this item just opposite you, across the toxic river.

Deep Jungle Luglox 11/34

Look right from the previous location to find the Luglox underneath the ledge near the waterfall.

Deep Jungle Luglox 12/34

Follow the river downstream till you get to another Luglox near some tree.

Deep Jungle Luglox 13/34

Follow the river downstream till you get to another Luglox, before reaching village.

Deep Jungle Luglox 14/34

Behind some huts in the Moplet Village.

Deep Jungle Luglox 15/34

In the Moplet Village, there’s a hot wall where you can use Gus to make platforms or use the zipline to reach the chest.

Deep Jungle Luglox 16/34

look at the tree houses in the Moplet Village, and you’ll find a Luglox.

Deep Jungle Luglox 17/34

From the Moplet Village head back and cross the river by jumping on the sinking structure and on the top you will meet a G3 deserter. Shoot the platform two times to rotate to get the Luglox.

Deep Jungle Luglox 18/34

From the previous location, cross the toxic river and then head in the left direction using the Zipline. Follow the zipline into the climbable magnetic wall. Keep yourself along the mountain wall (don’t cross the waterfall) to find a Luglox.

Deep Jungle Luglox 19/34

Continue going ahead along the wall to find Luglox on some mushrooms.

Deep Jungle Luglox 20/34

Retract back to the magnetic wall and then jump to the other side of the waterfall to find a Luglox on top of a shipping container.

Deep Jungle Luglox 21/34

Use the Zipline from the previous location to reach the structure as shown below. Luglox is at top of ventilation shaft.

Deep Jungle Luglox 22/34

Inside the ventilation shaft.

Deep Jungle Luglox 23/34

To the top (roof) of the building shown below. It is left of the ventilation shaft.

Deep Jungle Luglox 24/34

Go down and inside that building to find the Luglox below the ramp.

Deep Jungle Luglox 25/34

Exit the previous room and go left till you see a bridge with some shields on the floor. Shoot a creature inside the nearby machine to remove the seal.

Deep Jungle Luglox 26/34

Continue crossing the bridge until you find a cave. Enter inside it to find the Luglox.

Deep Jungle Luglox 27/34

To the left of the cave is a magnetic wall that you can use to climb up the ledge with a Luglox.

Deep Jungle Luglox 28/34

Enter the Mine outskirts from the Moplet village, then go to the right to reach a big magnetic wall to cross the river, and continue further to reach a location where you find Dr. Giblets. Go left and follow the mountain wall to find the Loglox.

Deep Jungle Luglox 29/34

Inside the shipping container near the previous Luglox.

Deep Jungle Luglox 30/34

Head left from previous the shipping container and cross the small bridge to find it.

Deep Jungle Luglox 31/34

Continue to follow the river going inside the cave to find the Luglox.

Deep Jungle Luglox 32/34

For collectible #28 you went to the left side of the building. This time you need to go to the right side. Shoot the green bud near the bridge and then drop to the right side and follow the connection from the bud to reach the Luglox.

Deep Jungle Luglox 33/34

Climb up the ledge to the left of the structure to find a Luglox that’s hiding under some mud, use Kenny’s Alt Fire to access it.

Deep Jungle Luglox 34/34

Directly behind the Dr. Giblets building. Go down and you’ll see to your right is a cave blocked by plants. To the right is a small gap that you can shoot through to open the cave where there’s another Luglox inside.

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