Demiurges Achievement: All 5 Book of Secrets Locations (Lust from Beyond)

Collecting 5 Books of Secrets revealing the history of the Demiurges will unlock The Demiurges Achievement / Trophy.

Where to find all Demiurges 5 Book of Secrets?

All Demiurgies are located inside Lusst’ghaa.

Book 1 (Chapter 2):

After opening the door using three-piece of sculptures you will reach the room with the Upgrade-Altar. The book of secrets is in the next room just before the long exit tunnel.

Book 2 (Chapter 6):

Victor can collect this book of secrets while doing the objective: Get “The Nature of Universes”. Its located in the hall with a movable platform.

Victor first needs to collect the Lusst’ghaan blade which is inside a closed leaf in the left corner of the area where you find the book. Use the Lusst’ghaa blade to move the stone pillar to the desired location and finally climb the ladder to read the book of secrets.

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Book 3 (Chapter 8): 

Victor can collect this book of secrets while doing the objective: Get Through M’nagi. It’s inside a tunnel while crossing the M’nags. Use the essence to fill obelisks that attract mature Vorh’n. Guide Vorh’n to lead Victor safely through M’nags by activating the subsequent obelisks. The book of secrets is on a pedestal on the right tunnel along the path filled with M’nags.

Book 4 (Chapter 14):

Near the third gem, you will find a shrunken bridge and sporangia. Lure a corrupted enthralled via the bridge to feed sporangia. Cross the newly inflated bridge to read the book of secrets kept on a pedestal.

Book 5 (Chapter 15):

While doing objective “Return from Lusst’ghaa”. After defeating Amanda, leave the area through a passage near the healing platform. This passage will lead you to a hall with red lights. the book of secrets is over a pedestal on the left side of this hall.


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