Dispose of the Warhead (Chapter 9) | Dead Space Remake

How to Dispose of the Warhead

This guide shows how to complete the Dispose of the Warhead objective in Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival in Dead Space Remake. Please note that you will be able to access some areas only from the story progression. So, if you are unable to open some doors then don’t fret as you will be able to access those areas later.

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After the objective starts, go towards the Briefing Room – Lower Deck. As you enter the elevator next to the Briefing Room and press the controls, the power cell will explode. Now enter the Briefing Room and get the power cell as shown in the picture below. Insert the power cell into the socket in front of the elevator. Then take the elevator down to Torpedo Bay. Enter the Torpedo Bay and you will find the Warhead inside.

Destroy the six purple tubes around the warhead. Now a monster with a large sack will appear as shown in the picture below. Make sure that you don’t shoot the sack as this will cause an explosion, killing you. Defeat the monster by shooting its limbs, head, and body.

After defeating the monster, get the power cell from the right portion of the room and insert it into the warhead power socket. This will power up the warhead. Now go to the console in front of the warhead and use it to release the warhead.

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