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  • Post published:March 2, 2022
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How to access Divine Tower of Liurnia

This guide shows how to reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia. To reach there, you will be needing Carian Inverted Statue. Getting Carian Inverted Statue is part of Ranni’s questline. Click here to see the complete walkthrough of Ranni’s questline.

After you have the Carian Inverted Statue, go to the Carian study hall and place the Statue on the pedestal as shown in the pictures below. This will make the building inverted.

After placing the Carian Inverted Statue, take the stairs to go behind the Carian study hall. Then jump down on the ledge below and walk over the window as shown below. Then walk ahead to reach the other side.

Jump over the platform on the left side. Move ahead and jump on the ledge below at the end of the platform. Walk on the ledge and jump down on the chandeliers down below until you reach the elevator as shown in the pictures below.

Take the elevator to the bottom. When the elevator stops, move straight ahead and open the door. You will be able to see the Divine Tower of Liurnia now as shown in the picture below.

Enter the Divine Tower of Liurnia and go to the roof. No great Rune power can be restored in this Divine Tower. You will get Cursemark of Death here, which will be used in Ranni’s Questline.

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