Dragon’s Dogma 2: A Case Of Sculptor’s Block Walkthrough | All Outcomes

This article will guide you on how to complete all the objectives of the quest “A Case of Sculptor’s Block” in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Starting Location

To start the quest, speak with the NPC standing outside of Klark’s Estate in the Noble Quarter. Klark wants you to meet with Fluvio in Battahl for the sculpture he is working on.

Visit Fulvio in Battahl

If you are still in the early stage of the game then you need to do the quest “Nation of the Lambent Flame” to reach Battahl.

Once you reach Battahl, visit Fulvio’s Workshop and speak with the NPC. He will ask you to track down a Griffin so that he can sketch it.

Make for the meeting place

You have two choices here: either bring Medusa’s head to freeze the griffin and receive a 14,000 gold reward, or proceed with the quest without Medusa’s head for a 7,000 gold reward.

Medusa Location

You can find the Medusa boss inside a dungeon (Caliginous Depth) located southwest of Battahl. The location is marked on the map below.

Next to meet Fulvio, proceed to the Wasteland Griffin’s Nest which is located south of the Checkpoint Rest Town. The yellow indicator on the map is showing where you need to go.

Do extended battle with the Griffin

Start to follow Fulvio to find the Griffin nest. 

Option 1: Use the Medusa head

The first and easiest option is to use the Medusa head to freeze the Griffin. It has a 14,000 gold reward.

Option 2: Fight the Griffin without killing

Fight the Griffin for a few minutes until it flees. Don’t kill it. It has a 7,000 gold reward only.

Speak with Fulvio again he will ask you to meet him again at his workshop.

Wait a few days, then check on Fulvio’s progress

Take at least a day of rest before going back to Fulvio’s Workshop to speak with him again.

Attend the unveiling at Klark’s estate

Return to Klark’s Estate, and go upstairs for a cutscene of unveiling the sculpture. This ends the quest.

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