Dragon’s Dogma 2: Civil Unrest Walkthrough

This article will guide you on how to complete the objective of the side quest “Civil Unrest” in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Starting Location

  • This side quest is a sub-quest of another side quest “Halls of the First Dawn“. So players need to start the “Halls of the First Dawn” quest first.
  • Make sure, Nadinia and Menella are alive. You can revive them at the Morgue using Wakestones.

To start the quest, go to Oxcart station in Bakbattahl where Menella will come out from the Flamebearer Palace and give the quest. Alternatively, go to the palace and talk to her to initiate the quest.

Aid in the Evacuation of Battahl

As the quest starts, the player needs to stop three fights in Bakbattahl. These fighting locations are marked by yellow color. Attack the groups fighting among themselves to stop them.

Speak to Empress Nadinia

Speak with Menella and she should send you back to the Empress who is located inside her chamber in Flamebearer Palace. Speak with the Empress and she will agree to evacuate the people.

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