Dragon’s Dogma 2: Medicament Predicament Walkthrough

This article will guide you on how to complete all the objectives of the side quest “Medicament Predicament ” in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Starting Location

This quest can be initiated during the main quest “Seat of the Sovran“. Speak with a girl named Flora outside Runne’s Apothecary in Melve to start the quest. She needs help in procuring medicine.

Obtain the fruit roborant

To complete the quest you need to find Fruit Roborant. Fruit Roborant can be made by combining Dried Fruit with Greenwarish. Greenwarish are green bushes found very commonly in the area.

Alternatively, you can purchase the Fruit Roborant directly from the Apothecary for 600 G.

Deliver the fruit roborant

Head back to Flora and deliver fruit roborant to her and this will end the quest. You will get 500 XP, 100 G, and a Ring of Exultation as a reward for completing the quest.

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