Dragon’s Dogma 2: Out of the Forest, Into the Forge Quest Walkthrough

This article will guide you on how to complete all the objectives of the side quest “Out of the Forest, Into the Forge” in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Starting Location

This quest automatically starts from the end of  The Ailing Arborheart Side Quest.

Report back to Doireann

Go back to the “The Arborheart” in Sacred Arbor and speak with an NPC named Doireann. She’ll request the ingredients for the dish: rotten fish and rotten apple.

Obtain the ingredients for nutriabh

Procure some rotten apples

Can be purchased from any vendor.

Procure some rotten fish

You can buy swordfish from a Vendor in Harve Village

Deliver the ingredients to Doireann

Simply put the regular apple and fish in your inventory and sit on a bench to pass the days. This will automatically rot the apple and fish in 3 days.

Give the rotten apple and fish to the Doireann, and she’ll prepare the meal.

Deliver the nutriabh to Sara

Proceed to Brokkr’s Smithy in Bakbattahl and deliver the dish to Sara. Doireann will also follow you to the Bakbattahl.

Follow Sara

Follow Sara to a cave where she gives the food to the dwarf. After taking the food he leaves to eat the food.

Gather plenty of Scalecinder

Enter the cave, and collect at least six pieces of Scalecinder, which looks like green dust. Leave the cave, and give Scalecinder to Doireann to end the quest.

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