Dragon’s Dogma 2: Tensions on the Highroad Walkthrough

This article will guide you on how to complete all the objectives of the side quest “Tensions on the Highroad” in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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Starting Location 

This quest becomes available after reaching Bakbattahl. To start, go to the North Vernworth Oxcart Station in Vernworth. You will find a soldier named Simon who will approach you and ask for help in escorting Augustin’s oxcart from Checkpoint Rest Town into Vernworth.

Escort the oxcart

Follow the path outside of the Checkpoint Rest Town to find the oxcart at the intersection.

Speak with Raghnall, an NPC, when the oxcart has stopped. Then you can opt to side with the soldiers or Raghnall.

Pursue Raghnall

Raghnall will escape with Augustin. Start going after them into Guerco Cavern.

Seek an exit

Inside the cave, you will fall down the floor and get separated from your pawns. Follow the route ahead to meet Raghnall again.

Help him fight the enemies and find the way out of the cave to complete the mission.

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